How do I maintain a knife?

 Keep the blade oiled. Because it's made of carbon steel it can rust if you don't keep it well oiled. Oil won't hurt anything so use as much as you want. Also keep the knife stored in a dry, safe place.

What steel do you use?

I typically use high carbon steels like W2, CruForgeV, 1084, and damascus.

What handle materials do you use?

  •  I use the highest quality materials and there’s no shortage of that in the handles. If its a wooden handle I like to use something durable and beautiful. I Also like synthetic materials like G10 and Micarta, because of their durability.
  •  Some of the fittings are made with brass, bronze, or copper. These will develop a patina over time.

How do I order a knife?

To order you can email me at


Or if you would like give me call at    307-231-3477.